Complete the email by using the correct prepositions. There are some clues in brackets to help you.
Dear Luigi,

I am writing enquire your restaurant’s availability.

We are looking a venue for next month which can cope a party of (maximum) 120 guests. Are you able to deal such large numbers? I apologise the short notice.

Our company deals (sells) exclusive watches. We are well known (renowned) our high quality, luxury items.

We are accustomed the highest standards and we must insist complete discretion as a number our guests are very important persons. This event is to congratulate them all their charitable work.

Are you able cater special dietary requirements? Several of our guests suffer allergies, one guest is allergic milk, several have an intolerance gluten and one is trying to cut (reduce) sugar.

On previous occasions we have had cause to complain the lack variety. We are interested a 5 course meal and would like to select a range least 5 options, including vegetarian and fish. We do not want to be lacking choice. Moreover, we are keen local specialities and extremely fond organic produce.

Do you offer a discount payment full (complete) advance? Would you prefer payment cash or credit card?

If you are able to fit us (accommodate), I would be grateful an offer.
I will be in the area next week. If it is convenient you, I would like to call (visit) to talk the menu.

I am looking forward hearing you your earliest convenience.

Kind regards,