to give / part of the body – hand
part of the body / a large, strong box (for pirates?) – chest
page of a book / grows on a tree – leaf
a factory / grows in the ground – plant
go down below the surface / used to wash up in – sink
teach a person / goes on rails – train
to phone / a small circular band – ring
the here and now / a gift – present
a building for horses / steady, unchanging –stable
very recently; in the immediate past / morally right and fair – just
disgusting / without deduction of tax – gross
a fruit (often eaten dried) / go out with someone romantically – date
to stop work in an industrial dispute / to hit – strike
a machine which keeps you cool / a keen supporter or admirer – fan
3 feet / an American garden – yard
where rubbish is dumped / extra money given to waiters, taxi drivers, etc. – tip
a unit of temperature / a university qualification – degree
protection from the sun / a colour – shade
new or unusual / a fictitious prose narrative of book – novel
contains stars and galaxies / a gap or empty place (for your car?) – space