Complete the senteces by choosing the correct idiomatic expression.
As nobody has told you what is happening, I thought I would .
It looks as if we got a . This doesn’t look fair at all.
I . Something isn’t quite right.
I won’t believe it until I see it .
We have to . We cannot compromise on environmental issues.
The deal is just about . We should be able to celebrate tonight!
You are asking too much. You’ll have to on this issue.
I think we’ve been ? They’ve taken our money and we have nothing to show for it.
He was so negative! At the end of my talk, he spent half an hour on my strategy.
I shouldn’t have said that. I think I've . Now they know how desperate we are.
Fees must be paid . We cannot let you continue if we haven’t received the payment.
We seem to have been talking . I’m talking about the previous project, not this one.