Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete the sentences.
Managers have a moral responsibility. Young employees them, and treat them as role-models.
I waited nearly an hour for them, but they didn't .
We seem to have coffee. Can someone pop to the shop?
I'd like to a proposal. I suggest we invest more in marketing.
It’s a terrible connection. Could you , please?
Does this tie this shirt?
Could we that last point again? I’m not sure I really understand.
We are exporting our products to other countries.
Due to a fall in demand we had to a number of employees.
I'm afraid that due to personal reasons, I must your kind invitation.
The deal is just about . We should be finished soon.
We've had some hard times recently, but I think things are beginning to .
Sales after the product was mentioned on TV.
Because of technical problems, the videoconference had to be .
We’ve had our offices . They look much better now.
If you don’t you are going to make yourself ill?
One of the staff to stealing the money.
Please arrange for the guests to be from the airport.
If anyone calls while I’m out please make sure to their name and number.
Because of a really heavy downpour, the event had to be .