Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete the sentences.
When do you think they’ll ? (pay)
We had to a bank loan. (obtain)
We have saved up enough to our bank loan. (pay a debt in full)
They most of the cash. (provided)
He a lot of money when a rich relative died. (inherited/won)
Interest rates have . (reach the lowest point before stabilizing or improving)
I’m trying to some money each month. (save money for future use)
The money should be in full by the end of the month. (repay a loan)
Many taxi-drivers foreigners. (cheat, overcharge)
They used their wealth to officials. (bribe)
We have our products to clear our stock. (reduced the price of an item)
They the other shareholders to gain control of the company. (paid someone to gain ownership of something)
We the price of imported goods by 70 percent. (increase/add to the price of goods to cover overhead and profit)
I my life insurance to generate some cash. (convert an insurance policy, savings account, or other investment into money)
Our insurers refused to the full amount of our claim. (pay a sum of money from funds under one's control)